About Us

Made by Afghan Women is an online marketplace for authentic Afghan products made by women in various parts of the country. This e-commerce site provides a platform for Afghan women businesses to showcase and sell their unique, handmade products directly to shoppers across the world.

Our Mission

“To connect Afghan businesswomen to the digital economy and increase visibility of their products worldwide.”

Our Story

Afghan women have played a crucial role in keeping alive the rich artisanal textile tradition of Afghanistan. In the past two decades, Afghan women had achieved flourishing businesses which had allowed them to work toward financial independence. From running shops in the hustling bazaars and markets of several provinces across Afghanistan to participating in local and international exhibitions, a lot of the businesswomen had managed to find permanent buyers for their products. Despite the achievements, many of them continued to struggle with conservative social expectations in which they faced pressure to focus on household duties. Those with businesses could not easily meet with suppliers and buyers without being accompanied by a male relative. These struggles have been exacerbated now that the Taliban have returned, and women are slowly being removed from the public sphere. With the change of political regime and the country facing an economic collapse, the need for connecting Afghan women to the digital economy now is more than ever.

The Made by Afghan Women e-commerce platform aims to provide Afghan women the opportunity to sell their products worldwide. Spearheaded by a group of Afghan women in the US, the Made by Afghan Women portal’s work was kicked off on March 5, 2022, and was launched in November 2022. The site offers the following:

  • Authentic Afghan products capturing the culture, beauty, and taste of Afghanistan
  • Unlimited Afghan women vendors from across Afghanistan and abroad
  • Secure E-payments accepting major credit and debit cards
  • Secure shipping & handling of orders from Afghanistan to the world through the neighboring countries
Our Impact

On Made by Afghan Women e-commerce site, you will not only be buying unique and authentic products from Afghanistan but also supporting Afghan women who are struggling to keep their businesses alive under the current political situation. These women are in need of a market for their products and Made by Afghan Women is one way to connect them to buyers.
We also envision bringing Afghan businesswomen in the diasporas to our platform to help them boost their sales and to showcase to the world their creative take on the Afghan culture and designs. Not only for that but because most of them still produce their products in Afghanistan and have women working for them.
The products offered on Made by Afghan Women tell stories of the talent, uniqueness, passion, and determination of Afghan women. We want to be the voice to these stories through our platform.

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Perfect Precision

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I hope Afghan businesswomen and Afghan women artisan find their way directly to their customers worldwide and I hope this online marketplace turns to an Amazon of Afghan products made by Afghan women from around the country
Manizha Wafeq
The visionary for Afghan Women’s Economic Independence
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